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November 2011 to July 2012 Mars, the action planet, will be in the sign of Virgo. This is a prolonged stay, out of the ordinary, and puts a spotlight on the 'Virgo' area of the chart. Think of it as an alarm clock going off. You feel you have to get up and GO GO GO. It's assertive, expressing healthy aggression that keeps you from being a doormat! It vitalizes this area of the chart and activates and challenges any planet it aspects at this time.

Virgo is industrious, able to work hard in creative, ingenious and practical ways. This sign can also be judgmental and over critical so during this Mars transit we can become more aware of how we value things, people and experiences and how that view can effect how we think and feel. The idea is to lighten up on criticism, especially if it is directed inward, and get active and adventurous in your Virgo house. (if you want to know where Virgo is in your horoscope, follow along the tutorial here)

Below are hints and tips for Mars in your solar house (for each sun sign) or the actual house Mars is in (by house) as it goes direct, retrograde and direct again. The times are below! Enjoy! Namaste, Kim


RAM: (for Aries Sun or Mars in the 6th house) Mars here wants to assimilate information—sort, filter and apply it in practical ways—expresses intrinsically through the activities of the 6th house: work, service, health and physiology, tenancy, care-taking, pets, gadgets and ritual magic. Mars activates and retains what is useful and releases what is not; critique information and refine abilities but mind fussiness and judgments that limit. This can awaken extreme skill in craft or profession, as much time is devoted to perfecting innate abilities. Go for it!

TaurusAUROCHS: (for Taurus Sun or Mars in the 5th house) Mars in Virgo here wants to categorize, filter and digest information re the realm of the heart. This means creative self-expression and the radiant feelings of enjoying something well loved: writing a book, painting a picture, having a child, falling in love. From hearty romance to performing on stage, when Mars in Virgo resides here, these poetic activities must have a practical, defined application. The desire for stimulation is strong. Games that animate the mind and dialog that involves debate is fulfilling, as is the feeling of quality companionship that stems from the heart.

GeminiTWINS: (for Gemini Sun or Mars in the 4th house) When Mars is found here, the need to assimilate, discern, and filter knowledge for practical use resides in the depths of the soul. This means the roots of the being and Mars here must create ritual order internally through a sense of emotional security as well as externally in the home and family. There can be a natural urge to understand and release the past. This may translate into studies of genealogy, family history, and things of a historical nature. There may be action to do with houses, homes, property or real-estate, the running, sales or accounting of such places. Get your house in order!

CancerCOBRA: (for Cancer Sun or Mars in the 3th house) Mars here activates Mercury’s natural seat and here the mind becomes razor sharp, the perceptions ruthlessly acute. The only hitch is if Virgo often feels inadequate mentally and self-criticism or shyness can hold back an otherwise brilliant intellect. Where Mars in Virgo resides is where we must discriminate between useful and superfluous knowledge, refining skills and abilities for practical application. That means communication! At this time you may best express through the written or spoken word—writing, studying, teaching or even signing, often in more than one language. Think conscious mind, short journeys, education and associations with siblings and neighbors!

LeoLION: (for Leo Sun or Mars in the 2th house) Mars in Virgo here needs to be practical financially, and often there is a new ability to handle money well. Values come to the foreground. Suddenly you compare and contrast a wide range of beliefs in order to filter out the meaningless and retain the worthy. Where Virgo is in the natal chart can indicate where we become critical and exacting and in the this position, that can mean a self-criticism of personal skills and talents. Although the ability to refine, adjust and perfect is strong, Mars here may wrestle with feelings of inadequacy, a goad to perfecting abilities, resulting in a resource of highly refined skills.

VirgoCERES: (for Virgo Sun or Mars in the 1st house) Mars here adds mental energy that can result in increased articulation, restlessness and more action! It's highly rejuvenating! The boisterous energy and increased vitality can express internally through mental orderliness and healthy critical thinking or externally through ritual organization of material things. Either way, Mars in Virgo wants to run a tight ship, using quick perceptions to assess and analyze any situation. The approach is often reserved however Mars adds confidence and decisiveness. Think of this as a reboot, a time to burn the excess energy through more physical action and by taking strong, solid steps in all key areas, career, relationship self-awareness and home.

LibraBALENCIA: (for Libra Sun or Mars in the 12th house) Dream time! A paradox extreme, here Mars in Virgo seeks to gather, sort, select and make use of energy that is by nature without definition, boundary, or rational interpretation. You dive into the swirling soup of unconscious images and bring them to some kind of order and sense. This can result in a genius of creative expression through art, literature, dance or music. Just mind any compulsive thoughts or harbouring of fears about health, hygiene and the body. Instead, build a link between the unconscious and conscious through skills of discernment, articulation and creative expression. Service is mana.You can sort through chaos and bring to light something useful and meaningful to others.

ScorpioSCORPION: (for Scorpio Sun or Mars in the 11th house) Here the desire to investigate, discriminate and activate falls into the area of goals and objectives, friends and group associations.This is where we relate from the one-to-the-many, sharing our commonality with like minded individuals, supporting collective enterprises, and projecting our intentions into the future. Mars here wants to organize joint projects, lead community action plans, and discuss intricate details with friends and group members. You'll find yourself being 'of service' to the group or friends in need. The power of this time is tied up in the ability to render assistance in inventive and beneficial ways without stealing thunder. When it comes to making goals and plans for the future, Mars will in Virgo excels, bringing structure and function to what was previously only a pie a distant sky.

SagittariusARCHER: (for Sagittarius Sun or Mars in the 10th house) Career to the foreground! Mars in Virgo wants to express through the social identity and that means incorporating the best and most useful talents and abilities into the public image. By developing and supporting the characteristics of Virgo—discrimination, fine motor skills, exactitude, pragmatic communication, organization, sensual expression—the chosen career becomes an authentic reflection of the self. Get your core values up and running in this area of life! A focus on health and the smooth functioning of the body may become more important as well. Great for fitness. Whatever the chosen field, Mars in Virgo in the tenth needs to take things down to their component parts, discern their function, keeping what is worthy and put all to practical use. Note: this can equate with a lot of ambition.

CaprcornSEA-GOAT: (for Capricorn Sun or Mars in the 9th house) This is the area of endless possibilities for travel — physical, intellectual, or spiritual — and rules all things that expand the immediate horizon, metaphorically or otherwise. In the ninth, Mars in Virgo wants to refine beliefs and philosophies to a sharp edge that can offer practical answers to the big questions in life. There is a need to perfect ideas through debate, mediation or even as editor or publisher. Mars here wants practical outcomes: Travel is for business, exploration for evidence, study for understanding and meditation for health or spiritual knowledge. This is the house of understanding, and Mars in Virgo will focus a great deal on gaining that understanding through the mind and the heart.

AquariusWATER-BEARER: (for Aquarius Sun or Mars in the 8th house) The need to take things down to their component parts falls into the domain of sex, death and regeneration. This house belongs to the god of the underworld and here Mars in Virgo’s discriminate and sometimes fastidious nature strives to gain practical understanding of things dark, mysterious and occult. The eighth is the area of life where something must be given up—money, love, identity or beliefs. We take a leap of faith here by trusting in the partner, lover, divinity or tax collector. The incongruent factor is mixing Virgo’s need to pragmatically analyze and structure with the eighth’s world of blind faith. Here Mars may best turn action/organizational tools to use by undertaking research, studying the occult, exploring sensuality and intimacy in detail or just managing the partner’s money or doing corporate accounts.

PiscesFISHES: (for Pisces Sun or Mars in the 7th house) Here the need to analyze, filter and refine falls into the area of the other. This is the house of committed one-to-one relationships, marriage partners, business associates and open enemies. There is a healthy tete-a-tete nature to this time. Mars says, step up, take control, no doormatting here! Unfortunately, the critical eye is not always valued in this area of life. Be circumspect! Refine skills and abilities including communication with others, mediation, counseling and other personal one-to-one activities. You might get involved with interview based research, gathering information directly from others and organizing it for future reference. You may also take on the partner as a 'project', going for situations where you may rescue and redeem. Keep an eye on that!

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