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Dec 29 - Clearly a techno blitz in spite of Rx Mercury! I am testing some comment boxes. What do yo think of this one? Also, who's got some great intentions for 2011? I've got some surprises brewing (plus two new books coming out!) Woot!

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Dec 27 and I have the RSS FEED happening!!! I found this great tutorial by and can I just say, even if I didn't get the .xml correct (but I think I did), this dude's accent was totally worth my time! Now, we're green to go, you can subscribe to my news, the daily astro flash, the weekend flash, and the Lunar scopes. I might put the Tip o' the Month up too, and the New Moon News Letter.

This has been a very chatty month for Mercury Rx . Hope you're all doing well!

26th: I just put up the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit Astrology - LOA Scopes. Woot!

Update: December 24th - I'm doing the daily scopes for Mystic Medusa while she takes a well deserved break. You have to subscribe to read them but totally worth it :)

Recently: Tarran Jones ask me 'how do you manage to make your characters harder without being too hard?' I immediately thought of three things—truth, goals and flaws, and turned the answer into a Voyager Blog post titled 'Hard Heroes'. I got all inspired to message other authors and ask for their input. Both Part I and Part II are up now! Special thanks to Traci Harding, Stacia Kane, Jennifer Fallon, Mary Victoria, Duncan Lay, K J Taylor, Tracey O’Hara, Satima Flavell and Nicole Murphy for your input and contributions to this discussion.

I also put the Eclipse Scopes up. Woot! It's a big one!

And . . .

I've started gathering all my articles on writing in one convenient place. Also, my new 'Tip'O the Month' Astro LOA features Mercury Retrograde. If anyone has a topic they'd like me to address, shoot me an email. Yo can check my Guest Blog @Lorna Suzuki's! 'How to Make a Story Ring True.' Thanks Lorna! See upi all in Sydney this month!

Galaxy Bookshop Signing
December 4th

Traci Harding Universe ParallelPath of the Stray, Kim Falconer

I'm at Galaxy Bookshop with Traci Harding on the 4th of December for a chat and signing! Love to see you all there! Details

Astrology mapFaceBook


Path of the Stray
Path of the Stray Sydnes Airport



I’ve done a 75 minute group call on the topic of Cut to the Chase readings, working with inner planets, how to bring in the Uninvited Guest and dialog with sub personalities. It’s free for GVU members but you can join for a month for $1 and have full access! So worth it!

AND . . .

I'm doing a one week intensive structural edit on Journey by Night. My publisher has an eye for perfection and I'm matching it!

Cut to the Chase Astro-LOA

I've opened my book for readings again! (bookings start November 1, 2010) For those interested in the benefits of an astrological interpretations re 'gremlins', desires, conflicts and core values, this is a sharp and focused look at the natal chart in relationship to one issue -- you decide: money, relationship, prosperity, creativity, career, home, happiness, what ever is on your mind. The clearer you form your one or two sentence query, the clearer your answer will be . . . Bookings are first come first serve. There is a waiting list (until I get through the swamped inbox, please be patient, thank you!)

Book StackIt has begun!

Research for my next series is underway. I'm brainstorming with my genius 3D animator son, Aaron Briggs (who's designed the book covers for the second series Quantum Encryption). Already, the story is blowing me away . . . goddess of the night, I love this job!

The New Moon Newsletter is out soon. Until then, Namaste. :) Kim


Aurealis Review

Aurealis Express

Path of the Stray, Book #1 in the new Quantum Encryption Series gets a great review in Aurealis - Australian Fantasy and Science Fiction All smiles here :) And Spec Fic lovers, if you are not a subscriber, connect with them now. They offer fab short stories and SF/F new. Also in the reviews is Tymon's Flight by Mary Victoria, another HarperVoyager author.

Guest SFF Blog

Helen Lowe CoverAs part of celebrating the Aus /NZ launch of Helen Lowe's The Heir of Night, I'm contributing to a series of guest posts with fellow SFF authors. It's live now! Why SFF Rocks the World! Chats & Events.

New Moon Newsletter

Duval's Venus* Things to do on the New Moon
* Myth of the month
* Links for writers
* Monthly Scopes
* All about Libra

SMH Review

Sydney Morning Herald Review

Path of the Stray received a very favorable review in the Sydney Morning Herald! It's thrilling when spec fic gets national coverage!

Two Book Giveaway

Tymon's Flight

The wonderful Mary Victoria and I have decided to do a giveaway together. We'll be awarding a copy of 'Path of the Stray' AND a copy of 'Tymon's Flight' to the lucky winner who can answer one simple question:

"What do the two books have in common?"

(Send me or Mary your messages via FB. Path of the StrayEntries will be judged on wit, creativity and plain old fun!) If you aren't into Facebook, no problem. Email me your entry!

Open Worldwide!

The winner is drawn October 23, 2010

We might be dropping hints along the way :) Come on, make us laugh!

Quillian by Aaron Briggs

* * *

Versatile blogger award

I am thrilled to receive the Versatile Blogger Award this month from author Mary Victoria! She said it was for my web sites and scopes. That just makes me smile! Thanks Mary!

Now it's my turn to share fifteen (= or <) blogs that make my day! Here they are:

Jeannette Maw's Good Vibe Blog - This woman is brilliant. The LOA Master!

Mystic Medusa - She's got her finger on the pulse of of the stars. Entertaining & insightful!

Voyager Online - If you want to glean writing tips, previews and SFF news, this is the spot!

Not Enough Words - Merrilee Faber's excellent site supporting emerging writers.

Tropic Temper - Author Glenda Larke's blog, rich with stories, tips and insights.

Satima Flavell - A wonderful writer, editor and thinker. Full of articles, news and updates.

Jodi Cleghorn - Writing with passionate abandon, and then some!

California Reiki - Yadira and Marcus talk! Energy, interviews and the lightness of being.

The Zodiac Master - Journey to Unas Mundas. I LOVE this man! Brilliant!

Chip EFT on . . . - Chip Engelmann offers wonderful articles and EFT tips.

Your Life Your Way - Coach Tia Singh opens the door to a new way of being.

Intentional Resting - Dan Howard. This guy is tapped in. Watch his vid!

Earth Harmony Home - Debra Gehrke is a divine guide to joyful expression.

IMAGO books FANTASY REALM - Lorna Suzuki offers interviews, observations and perceptions for writers.

Peter V. Brett - a peephole into this author's skull! Full of surprises!

And for the SEVEN things about me you may not already know:

1. I love dark chocolate

2. Sun showers make me laugh

3. I'd rather be writing than sleeping

4. I am compelled to make cats purr

5. Team Eric!

6. I have a mosaic tattoo of Ishtar's Gate

7. I garden on my rooftop

When you receive your award, here's what you can do:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself (or not)
3. Pass the award along to 15 (or however many) bloggers you think are fantastic.
4. Contact the bloggers you’ve picked and let them know about the award.

* * *

Sneak preview Road to the Soul!

Close up Road to the Soul

This is book #2 of Quantum Encryption (after book #1 Path of the Stray). It comes out March 1, 2011. Links to pre-order coming in December.


Spectra Magazine Kim FalconerTime laps Cover
Spectra Magazine
AussieCon 4

Out now is the inaugural issue of Spectra Magazine. I'm thrilled to say a new short fiction piece of mine is included - read an excerpt of 'Wolf Being' - An aging creature finds herself all alone at the end of her species, and the collective memories of life on Earth are threatened with being lost forever.

The Spell of Rosette

Also in the news, my books are on special at Borders Aus so those with a KOBO will want to have a look at their main page. Quantum Enchantment is featured there.

Path of the Stray

Thank you Tricia and Mark @ Galaxy Books for inviting me to talk about Quantum Encryption!

I write about real people in extraordinary situations—nano-tecnology, witchcraft, quantum computers, fast horses, hot bards, stunning tattoos and environments on the brink of destruction—but my novels always begin with a grain of truth . . .

August 2010

Path of the Stray

August is starting with a whoop of a good time! The release of Path of the Stray, book one of Quantum Encryption is all over the media! It's in store now for Aussie and NZ readers, up on Amazon Kindle and Borders for eReaders and those keen from overseas can order online from any of these stores.

The Byron Bay Writers' Festival starts next week. Everyone signed up for my workshop on immersion can read more here. We're going to have a great time! My panels are listed below.

John Waterhouse PaintingI'm also doing an author chat at FANGtastic Fiction on August 10th. Please join in for some good banter and a chance to win some copies of The Spell of Rosette and Path of the Stray!

To top it off, I've given the Closing address: Writing and the hero’s journey for Merrilee Faber's excellent writers' workshop! This is for all you emerging writers out there!

I'm off to prep for my panels and talks! I'll be posting my report of the festival on the Voyager Blog!

Again, if you want to keep tabs on my writing and get some general daily astro insights, the odd feng shui, recipes or law of attraction tips, sign up for my New Moon Newsletter, out the day before the new moon each month.

Have a wonderful month and anyone going to Aussiecon 4, let me know so we can catch up!




July 2010

The big news for July is my second series, Quantum Encryption, launches at the end of the month with the release of Book 1 The Path of the StrayThe Path of the Stray. The full image is in the gallery, AND you can see the making of the cover illustration on Youtube or for higher res, Quicktime. The artwork for this series is being done by my son, 2D & 3D artist Aaron Briggs.

On the festival front, I am appearing all five days at the Byron Bay Writers' festival. My spots are confirmed. They begin with a workshop on Tuesday the 3rd of August: Cast the spell: finding magic in immersion!

This workshop is all about immersion, the magical ingredient that makes a story compelling and allows readers to believe in something they know isn’t true. I have a lot to say on the topic as well as techniques to help bring immersive qualities to the page. If you're in the area, sign up! This is going to be fun!

I'm also speaking to secondary students on Thursday and will participate in three panels Friday - Sunday. Check the program for details.

Tuesday 3rd of August 9.30am-12.30pm SCU Room Workshop;
Cast the spell: finding magic in immersion

Thursday 5th of August 1:30pm-02:15pm MACQUARIE MARQUEE
Strange attractors: writing fantasy fiction

Friday 6th of August 2.30pm- 4.00pm MACQUARIE MARQUEE
Bodice ripping: writing sex and intimacy

Saturday 7th of August 4.00pm- 5.00pm BLUE MARQUEE
Fantastical and magical: expanding the conventional world

Sunday 8th of August 2.30pm- 3..30pm MACQUARIE MARQUEE
Keeping the faith: are writers influenced by the market?

I got a lovely email from a reader last week. Natasha Pearson was doing work experience for writer/editor Gillian Polack and asked if she could INTERVIEW me. That was a lot of fun. Great questions, Natasha. Thank you!

The writing is going fabulous. It's the belly of the whale stage of the hero's journey. I've nearly finished the first draft (172,000 words so far) of Journey by Night, the 3rd book in Q Encryption. It's two books in one. The first half has already gone to my alpha readers. So far, they are blown away! I've also been True Bloodblogging for Voyager Online. Crescent posts include a chat about True Blood and the changing nature of vampires.

If you want to keep tabs on my progress, and get some general daily astro insights, the odd feng shui, recipes or law of attraction tips, sign up for my New Moon Newsletter, out the day before the new moon each month.

Weekly Astro Mojo is live and you can tune in daily for my Astro Flash. There's a Solstice update on this site as well and anyone who recognises the artist, please let me know! I love their work!

Until next month, Namaste, and if you want to leave a messages or chat, contact me, or see you on Twitter, the Voyager Blog and Face Book!

JUNE 2010

This month, I was thrilled to be interviewed by MY HOROSCOPE, a Greek astrological community. The translation to English is up and it looks great. They asked some very specific questions about astrological indicators of change, my own chart, horary astrology, meditation, sword and my newest release, Strange Attractors. Socrates said of my work,' . . . a quite fascinating blend of actual magic, spellcraft, and – of course – astrology.'

Book StackThe WRITING is going steady--I'm 96,000 words into Journey by Night, book #3 of the Quantum Encryption series. The scheduled goal is 3000 words a day, 7 days a week for the next 5 weeks. The phone is off the hook and aside from a morning check of FB, an afternoon run on the beach, and the odd text message, I'm not showing my face to the world until the first draft is complete! I am loving the story. It's even surprising me!

More on the second series . . .

Kindle eReader

For my birthday, I received an Amazon Kindle DX and it's great. You really can download a book in less than 60 seconds and I like the 'eInk' - very easy on the eyes. It has a search capability, reads personal documents so I can take multiple books and reference notes to the library when researching and it stores a ridiculous amount of books. I would love to compare it with the iPad and sonny reader. . . maybe next year!

For those who want to keep close tabs on my progress, and get some general daily astro insights, the odd feng shui, recipes or law of attraction tip, you can sign up for my New Moon Newsletter, out every month. This new Moon is June 12th in the sign of Gemini!

Weekly Astro Mojo is live with an interesting Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn on the 26th.

Until then, Namaste, and if you want to leave messages or chat, contact me, or see you on Twitter and Face Book!


APRIL 2010

Strange Attractors is released on Amazon Kindle now, so that means the whole Quantum Enchantment Series is now available for eReading! For hardcopy editions, see links from my pages on the HarperCollins Australia site.

The WRITING is wildly hectic this month! I love it - working on final proof pages for Path of the Stray, out August 1, 2010. Doing structural edits on Road to the Soul after my wonderful HarperCollins Voyager publisher, Stephanie Smith, gave me a big thumbs up (with some editorial suggestions). RTTS is due out March 1, 2011. And last but totally captivating my heart and soul is Journey by Night. I'm 55,000 words in, the final in the series. The target is 175,000 . . . there is a lot of story there. A lot of Kreshkali!

Upcoming Events

I've been confirmed for the Byron Bay Writers' Festival! I'm doing a 1/2 day workshop called Cast the Spell! - all about Immersion--what it is, why it's important and how to weave it into the narrative. I'll post the blurb as soon as the program is finalised. Looking forward to the event. Hope to see a lot of readers, emerging writers and authors there. Any random 3D people would be nice :)

I love starting my day with a clean intention and I've been asked to share those little insights on what I'm calling Astro Flash. For a combination of astrology and Law of Attraction, check them out, as well as my weekly Astro-Mojo. Since I'm not doing client readings anymore, this keeps the 'star watcher' in me happy.

And I just have to say, the feedback for my New Moon Newsletter is fabulous. Thanks everyone! Subscribe here, and expect it to land on your desk every new moon.

Have a great month of May!



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APRIL 2010

The news this month is starting off with a big splash! I have submitted book 2 of the second Quantum Encryption Series--Road to the Soul! The feeling was extraordinary and also shocking. I had to let go! I'll take a few days off to do admin and clean the house then it's straight into book 3, Journey by Night, due for delivery to my publisher Stephanie Smith October 3, 2010.

PAST Events

Kim Falconer Seminar
SF/F - Opportunities for Emerging Writers

Are you writing speculative fiction? Do you have a manuscript but don’t know how to market it? This seminar will bring you up to speed with the unique considerations for writing and publishing in this genre. Using the hero’s journey’ as a model, the steps for manuscript readiness and marketing will be discussed as well as ways and means of getting your work seen. We’ll also talk about expectations and assumptions and the kind of mindset that helps or hinders emerging writers.

Sub-genres will be considered - science fiction (hard, soft, dystopian, time travel, feminist, cyberpunk, steampunk, first contact, genetic engineering, space opera) horror, and fantasy (science fantasy, contemporary, dark, light, high, urban, paranormal, romantic, alternate history, vampire, werewolf) and we’ll examine a plethora of resources to help you get your work polished and published. Some time will be spent on opportunities for electronic delivery and internet platforms for networking. We’ll also take a look at what to expect once you’ve made your sale. There will be Q&A time as well.

HarperCollins Voyager author Kim Falconer’s first science fantasy series, Quantum Enchantment, has been on bestseller lists since 2008. She is currently signed for another three books to be released between 2010-2012. Notes for this seminar with annotated links will be available online for those attending.

When: Thursday, April 15 2010, 05:00 PM
Where: Northern Rivers Writers Centre, 69 Jonson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481 Australia

Anyone who would like to receive my monthly New Moon News Letter can subscriber! It will be an eclectic blend of astro forecasts, book updates, my favourite reads, mythology snippets and links. Join in. It's free :)



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MARCH 2010


The first two Books in the Quantum Enchantment series are now on Amazon Kindle!

The launch into the eBook world is exciting, and hotly debated. I wrote on this topic on the Voyager Blog last week - To ‘e’ or Not to ‘e’ … Feel free to weigh in! I was also interviewed by Delimiter re electronic delivery in Australia -- Keeping the magic alive: Australia and eBooks. Again, it's an emotive topic! Do you have an opinion on eBooks? I'd love to hear.

Also in the news, STRANGE ATTRACTORS is in the Dymocks Best Sellers Ranks, and top pick in Doubleday's Quest Book Club! The feedback is outstanding. :)

March 8 was the 99th InternationalWomen’s Day a global day of recognition and I am both floored and honoured to be mentioned by Jodi Cleghorn in her article:

Inspirational Female Authors

--seriously, tears!

And in the world of astrology--for those who are subscribers to Mystic Medusa's Blog--I am now writing an Astro Flash on her daily Scopes. My FaceBook and Twitter followers get these as well--a fun combination of Astrology and Law of Attraction insights.

Finally, in celebration of the upcoming WorldCon (AussieCon4), many Australian SF/Fantasy authors have SnapShot 2010 interviews all over the web. Mine is by Random_Alex. Fun!

Weekly Scopes-Gaela Star Watcher style-are posted every Tuesday.

More updates soon!


PS My cat startled, knocked my keyboard off the desk and now the shift key and several others are malfuntioning....Dell assures me a new one is on the way!

February 2010

Keeping the magic alive: Australia and eBooks

I was interviewed for this article last week. It follows closely with the release of The Spell of Rosette on Amazon Kindle and discusses many of the current issues in the eBook future in Australia!
STRANGE ATTRACTORSis officially released today, February 1, 2010!

REVIEW in The Specusphere!

Order online (anywhere in the world) or visit your favorite bookstore in Australia & New Zealand.

There is a wonderful PREVIEW on Mystic Medusa's Blog:

'The most satisfying thing about Kim’s books (which remind me of Ursula Le Guin & Madeleine L’Engle, maybe a bit Tanith Lee or a feminist Wiccan Tolkien) is that the magic in it is all real.

The spells work. The astrology is accurate. The magical thinking instruction is actually inspirational.' - Mystic Medusa Jan 2010

Off to a grand start! And, I just posted the

February 14, 2010 begins with a conjunction of the Sun, Moon, Neptune and Chiron at 25 degrees of Aquarius (Tiger's counterpart in Western Astrology). This is the third year of the 12 year cycle - The Chinese New Year of the Tiger. Read detailed horoscope for each sign @falconastrology :)

More previews, links and posts on the Voyager Blog coming this week!

The Astro-Mojo WEEKLY SCOPES are posted every Tuesday AND do join in on FACEBOOK to discuss the series, get news on giveaways or just say hi! All welcome.

I'm posting something special for Chinese New Year of the Tiger. That page will be updated by the 14th of Feb.

Thank you everyone for your fabulous emails and comments--so inspirational!



Happy Solar Eclipse Everyone!

News Flash: make sure you're signed up to the Captain's Log newsletter for a chance to win Strange Attractors tomorrow!

I've written some special Astro-Mojo for the Eclipses this month and want to wish you all good intentions for the year ahead!

The New FaceBook page is up and there will be a giveaway comp in February. Come join in and win a signed copy of the Quantum Enchantment series!

NEWS: Strange Attractors is already flying out of the Pre-order box so get lined up with your copy soon. The prediction is a sell out in the first week!!

The TITLES for the next series, Quantum Encryption, have been set!

Book 1 Path of the Stray Aug 2010

Book 2 Road to the Soul Feb 2011

Book 3 Journey by Night Aug 2011

This series starts as a prequel, beginning with the engineering of the first Lupin and Janis's daughter, Ruby, and the creation of JARROD. It journeys all the way back to the fabled southern continent of Gaela and forward to tell Kreshkali's story, eclipsing book 3 of Quantum Enchantment - Strange Attractors!

Path of the Stray has been to my structural editor, Sue Moran, and she'd given two thumbs up! I've just finished a first draft of Road to the Soul...all on target for release dates! Yay!

More news before the New Moon Eclipse. Meanwhile, have a fabulous New Year and set the intentions of your DREAMS now!!


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