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Midpoints are plotted by finding the midway mark between two given planets or points.  See video midpoint tutorial here.If a person’s sun is 1 degree of Aries and their Venus is 1 degree of Leo, the Sun/Venus midpoint will fall in two opposing places: the nearer midpoint at 1 degree Gemini, and the farther midpoint directly opposite at 1 degree Sagittarius. 

Because the horoscope is spherical and not linear, there will always be two midpoints exactly 180 degrees apart for every combination of planets.  One will form a shorter arc and the other a longer one.  The shorter arc is generally considered stronger, though both are important. Often it is not easy to see the midpoint at a glance and the quickest way of deriving an accurate list is to reduce the planetary positions to their degrees between 0 and 360, add them together and divide by two.

The midpoints are a blend of the two planets involved and their sign and house placement can indicate where and how that energy can best express. For example the Sun/Moon midpoint represents a merging of yin and yang, conscious and unconscious, male and female. Where this midpoint falls in the chart can represent marriage, creative genius AND practical application, friendship and love. When it is activated by transit (Uranus on Su/Mo for example) or by another person (someone's Venus on your Su/Mo) it can 'wake up' desires for balance, harmony, creative expression, nurturing and love combined. (a list of useful midpoints to follow)

midpoint sort exampleTo find the midpoint of natal Moon and Sun when the Moon is 15 degrees Aries 18 minutes and the Sun 27 degrees Scorpio 35 minutes, we reduced the Moon to 15.18 and the Sun to 237.35. Added together equals 252.53. Divide divided by 2 gives a far midpoint Eros of 126.26 or 6 degrees Leo 26 minutes and a nearer midpoint of the exact opposite of 6 degrees Aquarius 26 minutes.  The following list reinterprets the signs into degrees of the circle making it easy to convert the degrees of the signs into a degree of the circle.

                        Aries                           0
                        Taurus                       30
                        Gemini                       60
                        Cancer                       90
                        Leo                           120
                        Virgo                        150
                        Libra                         180
                        Scorpio                     210
                        Sagittarius                 240
                        Capricorn                  270
                        Aquarius                    300
                        Pisces                        330

The composite ‘relationship’ horoscope is a chart derived from the midpoints between two people.  It can be drawn in different ways but basically it is the midpoints between two natal horoscopes (Person A’s Sun and Person B’s Sun etc). The new planetary positions are then plotted in a third chart created from a composite (midpoint) Ascendant and Midheaven.   Although the points do not represent any specific moment in time like a natal or even progressed chart does, it symbolically reflects the nature of the relationship, an entity unto itself. 

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