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Road to the Soul by Kim FalconerRoad to the Soul

I love your work So much...I was sadder to lose Tryn and Quill than I was when Hazel died in Watership Down...

I have just finished the book and am in tears. It's so beautiful and SAD when Tryn and Quill go and Cortesa!  I just want to keep reading for ever.

Spectacular Kim! It was sooooo good! Is it because I just finished it? I think it is your best book yet!!! Thank you!!!

Hey Kim. Chapter 20... "Saturn and Uranus would be rising in Capricorn in a few hours, Neptune in Leo." Late Summer - Fall 2079; or did you make it up? I love this book!

I'm holed up on daybed in cafe Bali in a wild tropical thunderstorm reading 'Road to the Soul' feeling surreal, transported, wind howling, rain pelting, lightening and thunder, am I here or there...WOW?!?!?..... living every word....this sensorsurround soundtrack with your book is truly amazing ... Perfect

Road to the Soul!!!! I Love love loved it. Wonderful characters and the darkness in Jana is horrifying & hypnotic. The thrill of contrast, mmm!

Path of the Stray by Kim FalconerPath of the Stray

What an excellent book "Path of the Stray" is. Can't wait for the next one.

I just finished Path of the Stray! I love ALL the books but you really do get more clever and smoother with each book.  That's saying a lot considering the bar set by Rosette! 

I LOVE your books. I haven't been able to put them down since I bought the first one and my friends are starting to do the same.

I cannot wait for the next of the Quantum Encryption series!

It's everything I've ever wanted in a book!  I am SO in love with Kim Falconer!

I just finished reading 'Path Of The Stray' today and I couldn't help myself, I had to tell you how amazing it was.

Quantum EnchantmentQuantum Enchantment

I have just finished reading the Quantum Enchantment series...a tale that has woven a wonderful spell into my life! Thank you.

Want to thank you for this, Kim - brilliantly connected!

I LOVE Arrows of Time, almost finished it!  I’ve been galloping through it while I’ve been away, can’t wait to start the next one.

Your books have inspired my own internal journey and I thank you for this.

I just discovered spell of rosette, fabulous book! Not least because your characters are funky, modern and gorgeous as well as all the power etc usual in a hero/ine.

Just finished Strange Attractors! Woohoo, what a ride. Easy on the surface, complex underneath, the layers making it all the more intriguing.

Thank you for creating a Fantastic captivating world and story line that has really grabbed my attention.

Namaste to all my readers!

xxx Kim

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