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Moreau's Dead Poet borne by a centuarOn February 8, 2011, we entered a new era as Chiron, the maverick ‘planetoid’ orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, moves into the sign of Pisces. This heralds a shift, both inner and outer, first glimpsed in April 2010. To understand this transit, we need to examine what Chiron is and what he represents.

Chiron as an astronomical body is hard to pin down. Discovered in 1977 he was first labelled asteroid 2060 but later, after brightening by 75% and growing a tail, he was designated a comet.  His size is large, his orbit eccentric and he is not alone. There are more and more ‘Centaurs’ being discovered with much the same quirks. Chiron now holds the title of 'Planetoid' or dwarf planet, along with Ceres, Pluto and Eris.

In myth, Chiron had troubles right from birth. His father was Saturn who seduced his mother Philyra. Unfortunately, the seduction was cut short when the lovers were caught by Saturn’s wife. To get away, the king of the Titans turned himself into a horse and the resultant child was Chiron—a centaur with the body of a horse and the torso of a human.  

His mother Philyra took one look at the child and begged the gods take him. They did, and turned her into a lemon tree. Rejected by his mother, ignored by his father and outcast of mortals and centaurs alike, Chiron turned to knowledge and wisdom for comfort. As a result, he became one of the greatest thinkers and healers of his time. He taught the likes of Achilles, Actaeon and Jason, training them to be ultimate heroes. All was well until one day he was accidentally wounded by an arrow dipped in the blood of the Hydra. It meant instant death, but because of his immortality, could not die. So began his suffering which lasted until he was finally allowed to exchange places with Prometheus in the underworld (minus the chains and hungry eagle)

Astrologically, Chiron is the archetypal wounded healer, the personal trainer, the life coach, the cheering section and the wise old man. He is the spirit of culture who passes his knowledge on through the arts of healing, philosophy, astrology, music, martial arts and storytelling. He also symbolises extreme sports, body building and fitness. What he offers most is compassion and the audacity to attempt.

Chiron is no longer sitting on the fence, (the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces) as he moves decidedly into Pisces on February 8/9. The following is a guide to where you might find your greatest support for future goals and compassion to transformation the past. Consider what was happening when Chiron took a tentative step into this water sign--April 2010. Then ask yourself what’s next!

Aries: Chiron into Pisces opens up the world of lucid dreaming, unconscious perceptions and communion with all life. The way forward is through recognition of the spirit, healing, music, poetry and meditation. Conflicts are resolved and the urge to control others is tempered with compassion. Film motif: Avatar, 2009

Taurus: It feels like someone has promoted you to cosmic social worker and your personal goals seem subsumed by collective ones. The task is to take what is meaningful to you and translate it into the group. Thinking outside of social norms will bring the best results. Film motif: The Matrix, 1999

Gemini: Chiron into Pisces coincides with a wave of energy sweeping you to the top of your career and public standing. Do not be discouraged if you are still deciding on one (career) or feel it’s too soon to settle down. A foreign issues is resolved and the ‘perfect for you’ mission/profession appears. Film motif: Star Trek, 2009

Cancer : The push of Chiron into Pisces is like a storm that blasts open all limits and restrictions. The urge is to expand boundaries and explore the unknown realms of the mind, body and spirit. Basically, you’re going on the adventure of a life time. Resistance is futile. Film motif: Iron Man, 2008

Leo/: This new phase of Chiron puts the focus on working together in joint enterprises. This requires sensitivity to others and the ability to put the creative spirit above the ego drives. The chance to go back and resolve a tumultuous relationship will bring peace and liberation. Movie Motif: Watchman, 2009

Virgo: The doors open on a whole new understanding of relationship. As your daily routine turns upside down, an epiphany allows you to see your socially significant personal ‘one-to-ones’ in a whole new light. You don’t have to rush or force a thing. This is all about allowing. Film Motif: WALL-E

Libra: The new wave energy from Chiron’s shift to Pisces may have you rearranging your day to day life like nobody’s business. The emphasis is away from recreation and towards structures in health, fitness and the well being of pets. An old romance finally resolves. Film Motif: Jurassic Park, 1993

Scorpio: The new direction led by Chiron is towards personal creative self expression. This is a time to launch new projects and develop yourself as a creative thinker, artist, writer or parent. The feeling is light, playful and entertaining. A major move or change in the home starts the ball rolling. Film Motif: Independence Day, 1996

Sagittarius: The natural propensity of this sign to expand everything within arm’s reach is focused on the home and hearth. Get ready for renovations and a shuffle of housemates but realise that whatever you do to the physical dwelling is symbolic of inner realignment. A sibling issues resolves. Film Motif: Serenity, 2005

Capricorn: Chiron into Pisces is an elixir for your powers of communication. It’s like you’re hardwired into everybody’s business and your insights, compassion and ability to support new ideas is highly sought after. As long as you are acting on your core values, you can’t go wrong. Movie Motif: Star Wars, 1977

Aquarius: Two things are going on during this phase of Chiron: your sense of appreciation for who you are and what you do, and your capacity to earn a living. Both are going up. The key is in following paths that spark your interest in rich and authentic ways. Do what you love and all else follows. Film Motif: Hell Boy, 2004

Pisces: The next ten months could feel like a series of fast paced events that present greater and greater challenges and deliver equally spectacular results. Once a skeleton in the closet is revealed, and all the details resolved, the ‘charge’ is released and much can be forgiven. Film Motif: I, Robot, 2004

Have a great 2011!  Namaste, Kim

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