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This series includes six downloadable recordings with accompanying PDF's, video tutorials, guided study exercises and access to the Open Forun. Join us as we walk you through the signs, planets, houses and aspects so you can begin to master the language of the universe.

This is a 'Hands On' course with example charts and ongoing Q & A with Kim and Jeannette in the forum. You'll have access to us! Join in, and learn the essential building blocks of astrology and law of attraction.


Duration: Complete at your own pace.


Essentials Course

Unit #1 - Getting Started - Introduction to Astrology and the Law of Attraction with a brief history of both. What are the signs, planets, houses and aspects? How to recognize and draw the glyphs. NOTE: All links open in a new window.

Create your chart online
Find your Ascendant and other points.
Four Essential Building Blocks in Astrology.

Download MP3 Introduction

Unit #2 - The Signs of the Zodiac - Introduction to the signs of the zodiac, where and how they fall in the chart and what they mean. You'll start to see the energies in your own chart, learn the desires and drives of each sign and what they mean for your deliberate creation.

Sample Chart - Will Smith

PDF Resources
Basic Signs of the Zodiac
Elements and Modalities
How to draw the Zodiac Glyphs

Download MP3 Signs of the Zodiac

Unit #3 - The Houses - Introduction to the houses, what they represent and their relationship to the planets and the signs. In this topic we will be putting a lot of chart elements together with an LOA friendly approach for you to apply to your own horoscope.

Sample Chart - Will Smith
PDF Resources
Astrological Houses

Download MP3 The Houses

Unit #4 - The Planets Part 1 - Introduction to the sun, moon, mercury and Venus, what energies they represent, the needs, wants and desires they express through the signs and the houses. You'll start to see how each planet gives us clues and support to our deliberate creation.

Sample Chart - Will Smith
PDF Resources
How to draw the Planetary Glyphs

Download MP3 Planets Part 1

Unit #5 - The Planets Part 2 - Continues with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto energies in the chart, and what they can tell us about our own authenticity, and our deliberate creation. We explore the example chart and apply knowledge gained to your own chart.

Sample Chart - Will Smith
PDF Resources
Planets (same link as above)

Download MP3 Planets Part 2

Unit #6 - The Aspects - Introduction to the conjunction, sextile, square, inconjuncts, trine and opposition, what they mean, the contrast or alignment they vibrate, tips on how to honor and express energies with different intentions at their core. The value of dropping judgment.

Sample Chart - Angelina Jolie
PDF Resources
The Aspects
Aspect Patterns 1
Aspect Patterns 2

Download MP3 The Aspects

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